We Are Brightcom

We Are Brightcom

For the past few months, we’ve been engaged in creating a new global media company.

It was born out of the realization that our global brands offer services and products that complement one another. It has different assets in the ad-tech ecosystem as well as teams all around the globe. Put together, we can create an offering that is larger than the sum of its parts.

We are proud to introduce BRIGHTCOM.

Brightcom is foremost a media company. It brings together the legacy of Ybrant Digital alongside the Brightcom media initiative. It combines data-driven technology together with strong bonds with advertisers and publishers, all in one platform.

Our motto is leading through technology, winning through people.

Our global expert team, be it in APAC, Israel, the USA or Latin-America, offers know-how and perspective, which we can shape into a strategy and a plan of action that we can then execute to meet our partners’ goals.

Our current operations will remain intact. If anything, they will only get better. There are new products, exclusive media-assets and new offices, waiting to be unveiled soon.

We are setting sail on a new path to reach our ultimate goal – earning and maintaining our partners’ trust. Thanks for sharing our journey!

Welcome to Brightcom.

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