What RTL is doing right

What RTL is doing right

An Industry ‘Shout Out’ to RTL

Today, headlines abound highlighting industry growth. The ones that catch my eye, though, single out those companies that are actively growing their online video reach by expanding their range of technological platforms and advertising inventory. A case in point is the recent acquisition by RTL Group, Europe’s leading media company and entertainment network, of Smartclip, a German video ad tech company.

Most of us are familiar with Smartclip, which was established in 2008 and bundles and represents online video advertising inventory of 700 publishers worldwide. RTL is to acquire the majority share of Smartclip’s businesses in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Italy, with an option to acquire the remaining share. The rest of the details are not so pertinent to this post.

Setting the Stage for Digital Innovation

Why do I feel that this particular acquisition is worth mentioning? It represents something bigger than itself – something that affects other industry players along the value chain. Let me explain: Smartclip is only one of many of RTL Group’s investments in video and TV ad tech. The list includes SpotX, a video SSP and programmatic marketplace; Clypd, a programmatic TV platform; and VideoAmp, a video DSP. There’s no doubt that this growing portfolio of technological platforms will strengthen RTL’s position as a major sales force in video advertising.

Let’s now focus on SpotX and RTL’s previous acquisition of it. SpotX connects premium publishers and broadcasters to demand sources and enables them to optimize inventory and monetize content across all devices, including desktop, mobile and connected TV.  

Why do we care what SpotX’s parent company does? For companies like Brightcom, who supply high-viewability video inventory, such as Vid-In and In-View units, SpotX serves as an important facilitator between the supply and demand sides. So with RTL’s strength, resources and exposure to new markets, especially given the growing TV and digital convergence, SpotX’s technological capabilities will grow exponentially. This can only benefit the rest of us, who are partners in taking digital innovation to the next level.

I believe this “chain reaction” of growth is extremely important today. After all, it’s no secret that there is a huge (and growing) demand for video and, at the same time, a shortage of premium supply on well-known sites. RTL’s acquisitions are proving to be a win-win situation for all players big and small.

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