Can we predict the future of online advertising?

Can we predict the future of online advertising?

At Brightcom, we are constantly trying our best to gain deeper insights into the programmatic market and stay aligned with the latest trends. Our multiple offerings, such as video, high-impact ad units and mobile, give us the opportunity to check what works better to meet clients’ demands. In all of our research, we have come up with a conclusion: MOBILE IS EATING OUR WORLD.

The fact is that mobile spend in 2017 ($99.3B) will surpass desktop ($97.4B) spend. We are talking about mobile getting allocated an additional $33.5B in digital spend between 2016 and 2020. This is a lot of money; imagine all of those ads appearing on your mobile via video, interstitial, games and display. It is all over the screen. Let’s be honest: These ads can be annoying, but users prefer mobile ads, as they are less intrusive and more specifically targeted. They also have good viewabillity and better CTR than desktop.

Why Better CTR? It is mostly due to non-intrusive native ads where Facebook is a pioneer. I like all of the sponsored content and recommended pages because they relate to my interests. They fit what I am looking for. Facebook knows me well; not only does this social media platform know who my friends are, where I eat and what I like, it always presents me with past memories to remind me where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

The fact is, most people are connecting to Facebook from their mobile devices. This is why mobile is so popular: Data. This four-letter word means everything. DATA or BIG DATA. Brands want to spend money targeting viewers who are most relevant for them, and data helps them to target those people. Plus, mobile data is more accurate and convenient than desktop data, especially when checking-in at places, signing-in via an app, when traveling and on the go, etc… It is not surprising then that Google and Facebook represent two-thirds of the mobile market given that those guys collect our data all day long. They even ask for it!

So, unless you want to live in your own bubble or on your own island, with no mobile or desktop access, there is no way your data won’t be collected. This leads me to believe that the future of online advertising means no more privacy. We are being sold to Facebook and Google at a very cheap rate. Enjoy!

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