Finally! Monetization That Doesn’t Suck

Finally! Monetization That Doesn’t Suck

Like any industry, ever, the ability to make money in the long run has to do with providing real value to your customers.

Real value that is, one that isn’t diluted by irrelevant recommendations, “which cheese are you?” quizzes or a bad content-to-advertising ratio, which cheapen both the content and the advertising.

The Perspective Engage

This realization, following many years of serving publishers, set us on a path to create The Perspective Engage.

This unique content unit is designed to drive new revenue while breaking filter bubbles. It allows users to explore the two sides of the story they are currently reading using an advanced contextual relevance mechanism.

Plug-and-Play Tag

We launched the unit in June and found that with a CTR of more than 8%, readers are thrilled about the content we provide. In fact, 80% continue to read on after initially clicking.

Product Screenshot

And the rates?  They’re better than those banners, and much more effective.

Real value for your readers, real value for your business. We would LOVE to show & tell you more.

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