Proactively Fighting Ad Fraud With Confiant

Proactively Fighting Ad Fraud With Confiant

There has been a lot of discussion around traffic fraud recently. Seems like this is a very hyped topic, as no one wants to spend their money on impressions that don’t exist.

But advertisers are not the only victims of ad fraud. Publishers are fighting ad fraud on a daily basis, with malware and malvertising costing publishers millions of dollars in customer churn, stolen data, lost business and other negative effects.

According to thread management firm RiskIQ every 60 seconds close to $1.14m are lost to cyber crime, as cyber criminals continue to find success in a range of tactics, such as launching 1,274 pieces of unique malware and deploying more than nine malicious adverts every minute.

At Brightcom working with hundreds of publishers means always proactively fighting ad fraud. And I am very happy, and proud, to announce a new phase in our commitment to our publishers and the industry.

Starting today we will not only serve our publishers high quality ads from premium demand partners, but also help our publishers to combat ad fraud and malware.

We have teamed up with Confiant, the undisputed leader in programmatic ad security. We will be increasing their coverage swiftly to provide our publishers with full ad fraud protection.

This is another symbol of our mission to serve our publishers with the highest standard of safety and quality in the industry. I am certain that together with Confiant we will be able to help Publishers become more diligent about ad fraud, protect their revenues and even more important – their reputation.

Want to learn more about our commitment to our publishers and the great opportunities we offer?   Contact me or any member of our media team.

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