(VIDEO) Audio Monetization for Publishers Webinar

(VIDEO) Audio Monetization for Publishers Webinar

First there was desktop, then mobile, then video, and now… audio. On the one hand, this new age of media is already well established, but on the other hand, it’s still in its infancy, especially where publishers are concerned. Like anything digital, you need to be in the game as early as possible to truly capitalize on new opportunities for growth. Join our webinar and get exclusive insight into:

* The biggest trends in digital audio
* The opportunities for growth that are available for publishers
* What audio monetization looks like


* Overview of digital audio trends – 15 min. 

By Aviram Kadosh – VP Media at Brightcom

* Audio Monetization for Publishers – Panel Discussion – 20 min.

Ron Jaworski, CEO and Founder of TrinityAudio
Lior Zaidner, Chief Revenue Officer at Heyoya
Charles Andrew Whatley, SVP of Global Partnerships & Business Development at Instreamatic

Moderated by Daniel Ravner, CEO & Founder of The Perspective.

* Q&A – 10 min.

Speakers and Panelists

Ron Jaworski, CEO and Founder of TrinityAudio

Ron, a longtime audiophile, started TrinityAudio as a personal need. He loves consuming audio content and now wants to “audify” the entire internet. For the last three years, Ron has been busy bringing the audio and voice revolution to publications, media companies and content creators. “It is a long process that needs market education, but it is also fascinating, innovative and new,” says the 42-year-old, who is a married father of three children. In addition to all things audio, Ron also loves history, meditation and stand-up comedy. https://trinityaudio.ai/

Lior Zaidner, Chief Revenue Officer at Heyoya 

Heyoya is the patented voice-commenting platform for online publishers. For the past 15 years, he’s acquired vast media experience, having worked at big corporations like The Walt Disney Company as well as startups, including being the first employee at new company Heyoya. He’s currently focusing his time on bringing the voice revolution to every publisher and online site. The 42-year-old has a daughter who has yet to see Arsenal win a trophy. https://www.heyoya.com/

Charles Andrew Whatley, 
SVP of Global Partnerships & Business Development at Instreamatic, Inc. 

Andy has spent his entire career in media and technology, with his early years in broadcasting, including on-air, programming, sales, and management positions. He also owned and operated several successful radio stations. In the earliest days of the internet, he shifted to digital media opportunities and worked for multiple startups in media technologies. Andy’s broad background in technology and media has provided him with a unique perspective and understanding of the advertising and media consumption ecosystem. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with a BA degree in Mass Communications.

Etai Eitany, CEO at Brightcom

Etai Eitany has been leading Brightcom for the past four years. He joined the company 13 years ago, starting his career as a campaign manager before being promoted to director of Display and Performance Advertising. He subsequently established the company’s Online Video Advertising Division as a vice president, where he has been leading the company’s growth since 2014. Aside from his skills and experience in online advertising, Etai brings to the company a passion for watching numbers grow and a love of analysis and optimization. His goal is to automize. Etai has a B.A. in business administration from the IDC Herzliya in Israel.

Daniel Ravner , Founder & CEO at The Perspective

Daniel is Founder & CEO of the multi award-winning website, ThePerspective.com, which displays two sides of current events, historic conflicts and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier for readers to consider ideas that are different from their own. Daniel is a veteran of content, media and marketing worlds. His former roles include being Head of Digital at Armoza Formats, Head of Content at The Box, and Creative Director at Screenz. Daniel was selected by Globes, Israel’s leading financial daily newspaper, as one of its “40 under 40.”

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