(Video) Ad Layout best practices webinar

(Video) Ad Layout best practices webinar

Making the most out of your website by avoiding common layout mistakes

For 21 years, the Brightcom media team has been working with hundreds of publishers across the globe on maximizing monetization. We have seen a lot, learned a lot, and are eager to share some practical layout best practices that can make a meaningufl difference for your site.

Finding the best layout is not just relevant for on-page monetization, it is also crucial for your traffic, especially with the rollout of Google’s Web Core Vitals, which is set to take effect in Q4 2021.

In this presentation we will address:

• How to make your site compliant with the most relevant revenue partners’ policies

• How to balance UX and monetization

• How to increase your revenue through minor adjustments

• We will go over actual examples, showing you common layout mistakes and how to avoid them

30 minutes: insights, case studies, and best practices to optimize your website layout.

 Presented by Brightcom’s Joel Neutel- Brightcom’s Director of Inventory Quality.

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