Brightcom’s technology is not only innovative, it is smart. It allows for easy integration and maximum yield over video and display, both mobile and desktop.
Whether you are looking to buy or sell inventory, our advanced multi-channel solutions provide customized opportunities to help you optimize your results and capitalize on today’s highly competitive ad-tech market.

Compass™ is Brightcom’s proprietary technology, designed and developed with a main objective of offering an end-to-end solution. This enables our publishers to maximize yield by monetizing their media across all their devices and activities while leveraging all available solutions in the market, such as
Real Time Bidding, Tag integration, Header Bidding and other advanced Hybrid solutions.

Compass™ is the technological “brain” of Brightcom – an in-house video and display platform that is managed internally. It is a dynamic platform that is constantly evolving.

Compass'™ unique capabilities and advantages:
  • Both Mobile and Desktop
  • Turnkey Easy Integration
  • Visual Analytics Interface
  • Ad Quality and Traffic Quality Mechanisms

Compass™ technologies are fully developed by our skilled team of engineers, who work around the clock to keep the platform at its best performance in terms of scalability, responsiveness, user experience, analytical data and business solutions. They do so by using the most innovative technologies available in the market as well as constantly reviewing and adjusting the roadmap based on industry feedback and market research.

BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER - major update to compass

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